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What is a T part wig?

The T part wig is one of the newest wig styles on the market. Not to be confused with a U part wig, the T part is in a class of its own and starting to be loved by many of us ladies who enjoy having a good wig.

So, let’s get into what’s a T part wig, why we like it, what may be a drawback for some, and how you can get yours today.

What is a T part wig?

A wig is defined in three areas: the material, structure, and how it can be styled. Here’s the breakdown on the T part wig.

  • Material: This wig is quite similar to a standard lace wig. However, it has less lace, and so the hand-sewn section is less than regular full-frontal lace wigs. And if you get your T part wig from a store like hilacewig , you can get it in 100% virgin human hair.t part wig
  • Structure: You can see from the image where this wig gets its name. The lace part of the wig is shaped like a T. And as you can see from the many T part lace wigs in our store, you can get it as a part straight down the middle or to the side.  
T part wig
  • Style: Now, this is where it gets nice. The T part wig is quite versatile, and you can style it in as many ways as persons do with a lace front wig. So, you can get creative with your styles. Straighten. Crimp. Curl.
T part wig

Pros and Cons of a T part wig


These are just 4 of the benefits of choosing a T part wig for your hair wardrobe.

Cheap: The T part wig is one of the most affordable wig types. It is much cheaper than a lace frontal wig, but without diluting the natural-looking effect.

Natural results: When you look at the wig cap from the inside, you’ll notice something which we absolutely love. The T part wig has a full front hairline area. So, this leads to a similar natural result that you would get with a more expensive lace frontal wig.

T part wig
T part wig

Convenient styling: The wig comes ready to use. There’s no need for you to sew the bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to be able to wear a T part wig. It’s wearable right out the box, so you don’t need to know a lot about wig styling to wear the T part.

Good quality: Not because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that the wig isn’t good quality. If you get your T part wig from the right store, you can best believe it’s going to look gorgeous and last a long time.

T part wig


The main con with this wig is also part of why it’s so affordable. Because of the structure of the wig cap – the T part and lace only at the T section – the part line is fixed. So, you can’t change up where it’s parted.

But despite that, you can still style this wig in a variety of ways, including curling, crimping, straightening, and dyeing.

t part wig

Now, since we’ve been telling you so much about this wig, I’m sure you’re ready to take a look and see for yourself.

Well, here is the …

13×6 T Part Lace Wigs

The hilacewig line of T part wigs are:

  • Made of 100% virgin human hair
  • Comes in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors
  • Affordable so you can buy as many as you like to mix it up

We selected some of our gorgeous wigs in different colors and styles to cater for your preferences.

Look at our pretty wigs and bring one or more to your home to add joy on this upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday.

Dalia natural wig  is a face-framing layered T part lace wig with ombre brown ends.

T part wig

Tiana good quality wig two-tone lob with blonde on the top and natural black on the bottom make this look pretty and unique.

T part wig

Katy ombre human hair wig with dimensional brown transition to keep the look multi-tonal.

T part wig

Logan straight hair wigs with two blonde streaks on each side create a face-framing effect.

T part wig
T part wig

Karyn highlighted wig with strategically-placed highlights will be a great choice to freshen up your look.

T part wig
T part wig

Violet lace front bob wig human hair inspired by Kim Kardashian in a safe but vibrant hair color fits for both daily life and special events.

T part wig

Please feel free to contact hilacewig with any questions you have on our T part wigs, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

You can also take a look at the many reviews on each of our T part wigs to see what our customers enjoy about these wigs and you will too.

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